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Name - Topic - Partner
Student Sample - Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - Harry Mudd
William Chan - Aerodynamics of Airplanes - James Song
Angad Sidhu - Electromagnetic Propulsion - None
Samuel Edwards - String Theory (?) - Unknown
Kevin Norris - General Relativity - None
Ari Horowitz- Aerodynamics of Hovercrafts - Robert Lopez
Philip Cohn-Cort - Supergravity - None
Victoria Ramkissoon - Physics of Suspension Bridges - Nauma Haider
Sohini Sheth - String Theory and The Physics of the Violin-None
Robert Lopez - Aerodynamics of Hovercrafts - Ari Horowitz
Brandon Siegenfeld- Magnetic Levitation
Russell Feinstein - Astrophysics: Variable Stars - None
James Song - Aerodynamics of Airplanes - William Chan
Nauma Haider - Physics of Suspension Bridges - Victoria Ramkissoon
Naveen Shetty - Torque and Transmissions
Samantha Goetz - Physics of ice skating
Danny Sheffield Jr. - Force vectors(quantities included) on a spaceship as it breaks through the atmosphere - no partner
Greg Sturm - Radar - None
Sonia Bansal - Physics of Tae Kwon Do (Martial Arts) - None
Douglas Chin - Space Elevator