Welcome to Mr. Voska's AP Physics B Project Wiki page.

AP Physics B Special Topic Wiki Project Mr. Voska Spring 2009

The purpose of this project is to allow you to investigate special topics in physics that you might have a particular interest in. Now that the AP Exam is behind us, we can look deeper into things that you’ve always wanted to know more about but we didn’t have the time to discuss. Projects will be presented electronically using a Wiki and in class. The discussion forum will begin on-line and evolve to a final presentation / discussion in class at the end of the project.

You must chose a topic and enter your choice on the Wikispaces site for this project: (http://www.wikispaces.com/site/signin) by Monday, May 18. Sign in using your school username and password. (username: graduating year, first initial, last name; password: student ID#)
This topic must be related to physics but not something we covered in detail in class.

The following examples would be acceptable. However you are free to choose any suitable topic.
- Thermodynamics of gasoline engines
- Space travel using classical physics
- Time or space travel using relativistic physics or quantum mechanics
- Fluid mechanics of blood circulation in humans
- Statics and/or dynamics of the human skeletal - muscular system
- Physics of particular inventions or engineering projects
- Physics of SCUBA diving, sailing, flying, golf, etc.

The following are examples of topics that would NOT be acceptable since they are a repetition of what was already done in class.
- Projectile motion
- Friction
- Newton’s Laws
- Planetary motion
- Resistor circuits
- Fluid mechanics
- Thermodynamics
- Transformers for power transmission
- Heisenberg uncertainty principle (my example)

Special interests related to these topics might be OK if you present a significant amount of material that was not covered in class. Check with me first!

Specific Requirements
1. 500 – 1000 word original essay posted on the Wiki site
This essay must be your own writing and not contain any material cut and pasted from other sources. The basic idea is to describe your topic and why it might be important or interesting to your classmates. More information on the essay can be found below.
2. Questions for the class
3. Embedded links to websites closely related to your topic
4. Embedded Photographs, illustrations and video clips (for example: You-Tube)
5. Each student must visit every other Wiki site for this class and make comments, additions or ask additional questions.
6. Responses to comments or questions that other students make on your Wiki site.
7. In-class presentation / discussion to summarize your work and address other student questions.
8. Evaluation of your classmates’ work.

You may work alone or with a partner. Groups of three or more are not allowed. If you wish to work with a partner, you must sign up with your partner’s name when you sign up for your topic.

Essay Requirements and Suggestions
The essay must be descriptive as well as technical in nature. This means that it must include a scientific discussion (related to theory and practice) and some quantitative analysis (numbers and equations). See my example on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

In your essay you should address the following:
1. Define and describe your topic.
2. Describe how this topic is related to what we did in class.
3. Explain how the topic might be interesting or important to the general public.
4. What is the history of this topic? When was it discovered, by whom and under what circumstances?
5. What is the current research or level of application of this topic?
6. What are the useful and practical applications of this topic?

After I get your specific topic, I will provide each group (or student) with a more detailed list of questions and suggestions for things you might want to consider.

Embedded texts, photos, illustrations and videos
None of these should be included in the essay unless they are your original material. These should all follow the essay and include the necessary reference information.

Visiting Classmate’s Wikis
Please be respectful when visiting other classmate’s Wikis. Remember that all inputs are logged so that each “contributor” can be identified. Feel free to add material or questions as you like, but do not erase or delete anything. Each student must visit all of the other Wikis to make additions, comments or ask meaningful questions at least once.

All parts are due as entries on the Wikispaces site.

Monday 5/18 Choice of topic and partner (enter on Wikispaces site)
Tuesday, 5/26 Draft due
I will make comments on these which you must address by:
Monday, 6/1 Final Project due
Monday 6/1 to Sunday 6/7 Interactions (time for you to comment on all other projects)
Monday 6/8 Response to interactions and clean up due
Monday 6/8 to Thursday 6/11 In-class presentations and discussion (10 minutes per group)

Please note that it is not necessary or desirable to use paper for any of this work.
This is an environmentally friendly project.
Save a tree! - do your project entirely electronically.